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Custom Solutions for Unique Roof Challenges

When it comes to ensuring safety on roofs, one size does not fit all. Various roof designs—from flat to sloped or terraced—each come with their specific risks and requirements. Weather conditions such as snow, rain, and wind add another layer of complexity, which could impact the effectiveness of safety measures. Also, accessibility for maintenance, installation, and emergency access needs careful consideration to avoid creating additional hazards.

Roof safety isn't just about preventing falls. It's about creating a secure environment that accounts for all potential risks, ensuring that those who access the roof can do so safely, regardless of the conditions or the roof type.

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Kee Safety's Customization Strategy for Kee Guard

Kee Guard railing systems address these unique challenges by offering a system that is flexible, innovation, and based on a deep understanding of safety regulations. Here’s how Kee Guard adapts to custom needs:

  • Modular Design
    Kee Guard railing systems feature a modular design, allowing for flexibility in assembly and installation. This modularity means that the system can be tailored to fit any roof size, ensuring a secure and effective barrier against falls.
  • Non-Penetrating Solution
    For buildings where roof integrity is a concern, such as those with waterproof membranes or historic significance, Kee Guard offers non-penetrating options. These systems use counterweights to secure railings, eliminating the need for drilling and ensuring the roof remains intact and leak-free, which also helps keep your roof warranty intact. 
  • Adjustable Components
    Understanding that not all roofs are flat, Kee Guard was developed with adjustable components that can accommodate varying angles and surfaces. Whether dealing with a pitched roof or irregular surfaces, the system ensures a secure fit that meets safety standards.

Case studies of Kee Guard installations highlight the system's flexibility and effectiveness in a variety of scenarios. Whether it's adapting to tight spaces, preserving the aesthetic integrity of historic buildings, or ensuring the safety of heavily trafficked roof areas, a custom installation of Kee Guard demonstrates the system's ability to meet unique needs with precision and reliability.

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Kee Safety’s Comprehensive Fall Protection Systems

Guardrails and Edge Protection

Kee Safety offers a range of guardrail and edge protection systems, including Kee Guard and Kee Guard Contractor. These systems provide a strong and reliable barrier to prevent falls from rooftops and elevated work areas. They are engineered for ease of installation and versatility, accommodating various roof types and configurations.

Horizontal Lifelines and Anchor Points

For areas requiring mobility and flexibility, Kee Safety’s horizontal lifeline systems, like Kee Line, offer a safe and effective solution. These systems allow workers to move freely while being securely attached to a safety line.

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Customized Confidence with Kee Guard

Don't let your roof's unique challenges compromise safety. Contact Kee Safety today for a consultation or quote on Kee Guard roof railings and discover custom solutions designed to protect against even the most complex roof safety issues. With Kee Guard, ensure your roof is a safe place for everyone, today and in the future.

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Daniel Huntington is an experienced sales and technical product trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the Fall Protection Industry. As a Fall Protection Industry Expert, he is formally trained in OSHA fall protection standards and risk assessment. He is a respected compliance educator and trainer in rooftop safety, presenting at the 2019 ASSP Expo for the International Society of Fall Protection (ISFP) where he facilitated a course on improving safety for people working at height.

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