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Kee Klamp® Access ADA Railing

Designed to provide a smooth and continuous handrail that complies with ADA OSHA regulations


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ADA Compliant Railings

Kee Klamp® Access is designed to provide a smooth and continuous handrail that resists extreme temperatures, and complies with all legislation covering The Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes all the regulatory requirements related to the ADA – making it the ideal choice for all new build and refurbishment projects.
Kee Access

Why do you need Kee Access?

Highly compliant

Our range of cast iron fittings were created to meet all regulatory guidance in regards to the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is a smooth and continuous handrail that is not affected by extreme temperatures, and complies with legislation covering disabled access.

Easy to install 

There are no special tools or skills needed to install Kee Access, making it a highly cost-effective option. It incorporates a total of 19 special fittings and is engineered with versatility in mind. These fittings can also be retrofitted thanks to add-on offset fittings, allowing for a new handrail addition to an existing structure.

Intelligent design

Although it’s a very simple system, there are smart design elements that ensure its usability and flexibility in many projects. It’s available in a range of RAL colors, which also ensure a ‘not cold to touch’ finish. There’s no welding needed. It can easily be upgraded when needed. And you get add an anti-bacterial coating.

Key features of Kee Access

Smooth Finish

The surface of the handrails is smooth, and the user can maintain a consistent grip and easily run their hand along the entire handrail.

Custom Designed

Our unique fittings allow our ADA railings to be custom designed to fit all ranges of ramp design from standard, to very complicated.

Fully Compliant

Our team will help guide you with design and installation, ensuring that your handrail is safe and ADA compliant.

Easy to Install

Because our ADA handrail does not require any welding, it can be easily installed on-site with a few common tools.

Get to know the ADA Standards

The handrail must be located on both sides of the stairway or ramp and it must be a consistent height (between 34 and 38 inches) above the walking surface. There also needs to be at least 36 inches of space between the two railings to allow wheelchairs and people to pass through. It’s the ideal choice for all new build and refurbishment projects.

Meets All Disability Standards

Kee Klamp Access Disability Railing’s range of tubular fittings is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So you can rest assured you are choosing a fully compliant railing system.

Specialized ADA Compliant Fittings

These fitting enable the railing to be smooth and continuous.

Kee Access 514 7 G Medium

Internal Coupling

This fitting is used frequently in the system. It allows the fitting to be placed in line with the pipe railing.

Kee Access 554 7V2c G Medium

Coupling Compatible Fittings

These fittings are designed to couple together with the pipe and internal couplings to form a complete smooth-rail system.

Kee Access 518 7B G Medium

Cradle Fittings

These fittings cradle the pipe so that the railing can pass over the fitting uninterrupted. Small tek-screws hold the railing in place.

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Multiple Finish Options

Galvanized Steel

Schedule 40 and Schedule 80; size 1/4” to 2” IPS; nominal mill lengths of 21’ cut to your projects’ exact length requirements


Alloy 6105-T5 with an anodized finish; size range 3/4” to 2” IPS; nominal mill lengths of 12’ and 24’ cut to your projects’ exact length requirements

Powder Coating

Durable, corrosion preventing polyester coating applied to already galvanized/ anodized products; available in any RAL color

A Full Array of Add-Options



Pre-assembled modules for a simple and quick assembly ensuring constant barrier height. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit individual project requirements


In-fill Panels

Panels come in a variety of materials, sizes, and finishes. Material can be provided with a galvanized or powder coat finish, or in bare stainless steel. Virtually any custom configuration or material option is available.



A slot on the back of the toeboard accepts a bolt head which prevents the bolt from spinning during assembly. Upright hardware and splice kits for corners and straight sections are also available. Toeboard comes in 24’ lengths or can be custom cut.

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