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Safety by Design: Complying with OSHA's Fall Protection Standards (Earn 1 LU|HSW)

Architects, designers, and all those involved in shaping our built environment, we extend an invitation to an insightful webinar focusing on a crucial, often underrepresented aspect of architectural design–Rooftop Safety. In this session, we'll be taking a closer look at high-risk areas on rooftop structures, including Access Points, Rooftop Openings, and Unprotected Edges. This specialized training will provide architects with the vital knowledge to design safer rooftops. We'll examine typical rooftop fall hazards and identify opportunities to address these risks at the design stage. 

This approach not only enhances the safety of maintenance personnel and other rooftop users but also contributes to the overall functionality and user-friendliness of the buildings you design. We'll dive into the technicalities of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) codes pertaining to rooftop safety. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of these regulations and their practical implications, helping you to design spaces that adhere to the highest safety standards. One of the key tools we'll explore is the Risk Assessment Matrix, a strategic approach to assessing and prioritizing potential hazards. Incorporating this tool in your design process can guide your decision-making, enabling you to integrate the most effective safety measures based on the identified risks. 

Fall protection solutions will be highlighted, providing real-world examples of how these can be seamlessly integrated into architectural designs. This will be a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the latest in safety technology and understand how to incorporate these protective systems in your future projects. We encourage an interactive session where participants can engage in open dialogues by asking questions. Join us in this compelling webinar and let's together strive towards creating architectural designs that prioritize the safety of its users.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Learning Objective 1:
Identify common rooftop fall hazards and applicable OSHA codes.

Learning Objective 2:
Understand the Risk Assessment Matrix and how it guides decision-making to protect workers on the rooftop.

Learning Objective 3:
Name solutions for protecting workers during rooftop maintenance and work at heights tasks.

Learning Objective 4:
Understand how OSHA defines temporary or infrequent rooftop access.

Kee Safety is now officially an AIA (American Institute of Architects) Accredited Continuing Education Provider. You will be prompted for your AIA membership number during registration. Once you've attended this webinar session, you will be given 1 LU|HSW credit.

Course Number: 0823

Provider Name: Kee Safety

Provider Number: 10027911

Certificates of Completion will be available

Our Speaker

dan profileDaniel Huntington | Kee Safety Inc

Daniel Huntington is an experienced sales and technical product trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the Fall Protection Industry. As a Fall Protection Industry Expert, he is formally trained in OSHA fall protection standards and risk assessment. He is a respected compliance educator and trainer in rooftop safety, presenting at the 2019 ASSP Expo for the International Society of Fall Protection (ISFP) where he facilitated a course on improving safety for people working at height. Daniel has a decade of experience in the fall protection industry and is skilled in sales, negotiations, public speaking, content creation, and effective communication. Dan spends much of his time on behalf of Kee Safety climbing on rooftops, assessing hazards, and providing life-saving solutions for a wide variety of industries.

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Safety by Design: Complying with OSHA's Fall Protection Standards (Earn 1 LU|HSW)

Friday, June 21, 2024

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

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