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Roof Guardrail - Roof Fall Protection

Perimeter Rooftop Guardrail for Superior Fall Protection

Kee Safety superior roof fall protection options and safety rail provides comprehensive perimeter fall protection for all industries and building types. This includes a range of free-standing roof edge railing systems and rooftop guardrail for metal roofs.

Kee Safety: Your Fall Protection Roof Guardrail Experts

Kee Safety is the world’s leading safety rail expert. We engineer, manufacture and install roof guardrail solutions that safely separate people from hazards. Our OSHA-compliant products and systems are third-party tested and trusted to ensure consistent performance at the highest level.

Rooftop Fall Protection: An Integrated Solution - Rooftop Guardrail Systems

When access to the entire roof is required, the safest, most comprehensive solution is a perimeter rooftop guardrail system or safety guardrail that surrounds and protects all roof edges. KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail is the most common system we install - however, there are many additional hazards on your rooftop, and Kee Safety has an integrated solution to keep your workers safe while keeping you OSHA compliant.

Unprotected Edges

The edge of the roof is the most visible hazard, and typically the hazard most people want to protect first. Proximity to the roof edge is a significant factor in identifying the probability of an accident occurring. OSHA Code states that if a worker can be exposed to a fall, then they must be protected. Frequently, a worker’s purpose for accessing the roof is to service a piece of equipment. Is the equipment too close to an unprotected edge on your roof? Kee Safety specializes in Roof Guardrail systems that fit to your roof perimeter with ease. We are your safety rail solution experts!


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