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Kee Mark® Warning Line

A free-standing demarcation system designed to provide administrative separation from hazards.

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Kee Mark is a sturdy, durable, and cost-effective warning line for marking perimeters indoors and out. The simple modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp® components and galvanized uprights that stay in place with a hidden set screw.

Why do you need Kee Mark Warning Line?

Versatile System

It’s compact, portable and features a unique post design which prevents the chain from becoming detached during adverse weather conditions. Kee Mark’s base foot is formed from recycled PVC and weighs 55lbs which supports the system. It is further enhanced by a high visibility, two color polyurethane or steel chain which is continually linked between the support posts.

Easy Installation

Installation of the system is quick and easy with the support posts set up to 20ft apart and the cable linked to form a continuous demarcation route from the point of roof entry to the point of exit. It can be used in place of edge protection solutions, providing the demarcation is set at least 15ft from the roof edge. The system can also be used at ground level.

A Safer Solution

The simple modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp components and galvanized uprights that stay in place with a hidden set screw. This non-fall arrest system meets the OSHA requirements for designated areas for work where demarcation systems should be immediately obvious.

Key features of Kee Mark Warning Line

Simple Design

The simple modular design makes it quick and easy to assemble and dismantle.

Highly versatile

Suitable for interior and exterior use and there are single and double chain options.

Safety Flags

Safety orange and yellow flags make the Kee Mark Warning Line highly visible.

Long lasting

Vinyl coated stainless steel cable gives the Kee Mark Warning Line long lasting protection.

Highly durable

Durable galvanized components and uprights plus heavy-duty rubber bases.

Easily adjustable

Sturdy cables are connected to the uprights with stainless steel shackles which makes adjusting the layout very easy.

MG 3357

A great partner to Kee Guard roof railing

Whole roof safety is accomplished through a combination of solutions. Kee Mark Warning Line is designed to protect walk-paths and work areas at least 6’ away from the edge of the roof. To protect work being done closer to the edge our Kee Guard Roof Railing is a great solution. For expert assistance on designing a whole roof safety solution please contact us to have one of our experts walk your roof and assist in designing the best safety solution for your roof. 

Find out more about KeeGuard®

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Highest standards for on and off-the-ground safety

  • Designed to be compliant with OSHA 1910.29(d)(2)(i-vi)
  • Uprights and fittings galvanized to ASTM A153 Standards

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I just paint a line on my roof?
      No. Painted lines do not meet the OSHA requirements for Designated Areas in rooftop fall protection. OSHA is very clear that Designated areas must be a physical barrier and visible from 20' away. The reason for this is simple, painted lines are easily covered by snow or dust and will not stop a distracted worker from crossing them.
    • How far away from the roof edge do I need to install warning line?
      According to OSHA warning lines can be installed 6'-15' away from the roof if the work being completed is temporary and infrequent. We do not recommend placing warning lines at 6' if work is being done in the area, however, as falling backwards through the line at that distance could prove to be a fatal mistake. For advice on the best location for warning lines on your roof please contact one of our experts to conduct a rooftop safety audit.
    • Is warning line considered permanent rooftop fall protection?
      Yes, as long as it is designed to meet the requirements outlined in OSHA 1910.28(b)(13). For advice on the best location for warning lines on your roof please contact one of our experts to conduct a rooftop safety audit.
    • Is Kee Mark Warning Line visible from the ground?
      KeeMark Warning Line is designed to be a highly visible warning of potential danger. In many cases, depending on building height, the warning line will be visible from the ground. If aesthetics are a concern on your project we recommend using Kee Guard non-penetrating railing over extensive amounts of warning line.
    • How does Kee Mark Warning Line Ship?
      Kee Mark Warning Line ships with pre-cut wire with the flags mounted to the wire. The uprights and bases ship shrink-wrapped and palletized.

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