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Traffic Shield Safety Barrier

Safeguard your workplace from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles.

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Traffic Shield Safety Barrier

Protecting People from Dangerous Collisions

When it comes to collisions between forklifts and people, people always lose! Industrial Safety Barriers are designed to keep people from harm even when forklift drivers make an error. A select set of modular components allow for guardrails to be constructed quickly and easily.
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Why do you need Traffic Shield?

Easily Adaptable

Modular construction with standard components that are easily adaptable to most applications.

Easy to Install

Shipped with all necessary components and hardware. Easy to expand or relocate.

Easily Customized

It can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions. Whether they are in height, length, color, location, or functionality.

Key features of Traffic Shield Safety Barrier

OSC OTS 7304 280Kb

Highly Visible

Attractive, highly visible traffic safety yellow, powder coated finish.

OMG OTS 7386 Small

Superior Strength

Heavy duty construction for superior strength and long-term reliability.

OMG OTS 7365 Small

Single or Double Rail Heights

Available in single or double rail heights that can be customized to fit any application.

OSC OTS 7296 Small

Finishing Touches

Provided a finished look for your warehouse guardrail with end flares and corner caps.

Versatile Mounting Options

Versatile Mounting Options

A standard post allows for both inline and corner applications. Guardrail can be mounted to the front, side, or removable brackets to accommodate the different requirements for access and strength.

Traffic Shield 1

Standard Height Posts

A / 44” Double Rail Post & B / 18” Single Rail Post

Traffic Shield 2

Heavy Duty High Strength Rail

Our high strength 12” rail is designed specifically for in-plant applications. They are constructed from the highest quality hot rolled, cold formed, 11 gauge steel. The rigid two-rib design resists damage and provides additional strength.

Traffic Shield (2)


A cane bolt pin can be removed from either hinge allowing the gate to swing right or left. When both pivot pins are removed, the section can be quickly removed and set to the side until the access is no longer required.

Colour Choices 2

Colour Choices

Our primary colours are Traffic Safety Yellow and Bright Safety Yellow. Custom colours are also available, but will impact the cost and lead time of the system.

Traffic Shield (3)

Corner Caps

This closure cap offers a smooth transition at the corners for a more pleasing appearance.

Traffic Shield (4)

End Flares

This optional wrap around flare offers an attractive termination at the end of a guardrail run.

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Traffic Shield Safety Barrier Applications

OSC OTS 7306 Medium

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