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Kee Line® Horizontal Lifeline

Energy absorbing lifeline system suitable for use on roofs, ceilings and other structures.

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Horizontal Lifeline Fall Arrest System

For projects requiring fall protection, the Kee Line® Horizontal Lifeline system stands out as a reliable solution. Its design ensures a secure working environment for personnel on various roof types. With an emphasis on safety and compliance, this system integrates seamlessly into your safety protocols.

The Kee Line® horizontal lifeline system is not only about safety; it's also about operational efficiency. By facilitating easy and safe movement across rooftops, it enhances productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards. To learn more about how this horizontal lifeline system can benefit your projects, contact Kee Safety today!

Simple Design

Freedom to Work. Securely Attached. The Kee Line® horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the horizontal lifeline at all times.
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The Engineered Horizontal Lifeline Solution

Reliable Performance

Tested and trusted. Kee Line horizontal lifeline has been rigorously tested on built roofs and endorse by 3rd-party safety validation.

Easy Integration

Configured to Fit. Kee Line® horizontal lifeline uses has been engineered for multiple roof types and can be designed to accommodate varying building shapes.

Cost Effective

Smart Personal Fall Protection. The Kee Line® horizontal life line system is a flexible, cost effective option for working at height.

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Membrane Roofs

Kee Line® provides one of the only upright posts that can be weathered with a standard pipe detail.


Metal Sheet Roofs

Utilizing the same range of brackets as standard roof systems, Kee Line® can be installed quickly and easily on standing seam roofs.


Structrual Roofs

Kee Line® structural posts can be used to tie back directly to the frame of the building. These well-built, heavy-duty anchors can be welded to, wrapped around, or clamped onto underlying beam structures. They can also be mounted directly to concrete.



Provides personal protection for up to two users. Lifeline system is mounted directly above the user for tasks including overhead crane access, vehicle loading, machine & building maintenance, cleaning and access.



Kee Line® for Structures provides the horizontal lifeline components to allow mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick or stonework either in the horizontal or overhead application.



Kee Anchor can create a permanent lifeline on a rooftop without the need to penetrate the roof structure. Each of the wire posts is connected to a weighted structure that keeps the user secure in the event of a fall.

Kee Line® Features

Maximum Spans

Maximum span of 39′ allows 3 users at one time

Corrosion Resistant

A combination of galvanized and stainless steel components ensure longevity

Third Party Testing

We test internally and verify externally to maximize peace of mind

Qualified Installers

Kee Safety requires that Kee Line be installed by trained and certified installers

A Brief Overview of Kee Line® Horizontal Lifeline

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Kee Line® Configurator

Kee Safety provides software validation to all Kee Line designs. Each design calculates building loads, vertical line stretch and other critical measurements to ensure that the fall protection systems you receive will perform as expected and keep your team safe.

Exceeding standards for those with their life on the line

  • OSHA Code 1910.140(c)(11-22)
  • EN795 2012
  • CEN TS 16415:2013
  • ANSI Z359
  • CSA Z259

Certified at our advanced testing facility

Kee Safety runs one of the world’s leading test and training centers at its UK headquarters. Run by a team of industry experts, this state-of-the-art facility ensures that Kee Safety products meet the needs of its customers. Kee Safety is committed to driving new innovation with the purpose of separating people from hazards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

      • How is this horizontal lifeline better than other systems?
        The Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline system is technically superior since it's engineered to immediately absorb energy to minimize impact. The energy absorber is calibrated to impart lower forces into the system in a minor fall. In the event of a more severe fall, the forces are ramped up gradually, providing more stopping power.
      • Is the Kee Line price competitive to other horizontal lifeline systems?
        Yes. The Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline system, when backed by the Kee Line Calculator, immediately provides a materials list so you have an optimized system with in-stock components that is easy to install. This saves you time, money and less labor costs on-site. All components are ISO 9001 assured and made from galvanized, corrosion-resistant steel for long life on the roof.
      • Are the Kee Line components in stock?
        We offer low lead-times for increased productivity. Kee Line inventory is always in-stock, which means prompt delivery and no down time waiting for materials so you can get the installation completed quickly.
      • What does the Kee Line Calculator do for installers?
        The Kee Line Calculator provides both installer and customer with the safest system in the field. It also provides a complete list of components for the entire installation. The calculator does all the math for you and provides alerts if there are any improper calculations. This eliminates risk. Finally, the calculator ensures the HLL system is compliant with OSHA and ANSI regulations and is part of a complete personal fall arrest system that maintains a safety factor of at least two.
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    Kee Line Overhead Lifeline System

    In recent months, the KeeLine overhead lifeline system has undergone a series of updates. Continue reading for a summary of three important updates.

    Product Update KeeLine Overhead Lifeline System

    Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline Supporting Documentation

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    Kee Line® Sales Brochure
    Kee Line 3 Part Spec Sheet
    horizontal lifeline fall arrest and fall restraint system

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    Design and Installation

    We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. Also, we can produce comprehensive shop drawings to help you visualize the end result. With our detailed project outline, you can be confident that your project is professionally specified, and that all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.

    Alternatively, you can specify and install KeeGuard yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions – it all starts with a call to our knowledgeable staff!

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