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KeeLine Overhead Lifeline System Update

The KeeLine overhead lifeline system has undergone a series of updates. Below is a summary of three important updates.


Updates to Brackets & Traveler

KeeLine overhead brackets now include additional fixing holes and a new profile that is compatible with the updated traveler. The new traveler has hinged wheels to allow for cornering (see below) and a hinged connection point to make it easier to work off-centre.

Corner Brackets

Introducing Corner Brackets

As a part of the recent bracket update, the product development team was able to add a cornering capability to the KeeLine overhead system. Two brackets for the creation of both 45° and 90° corners are now available.

“High Span” Systems 30m (90ft) between support brackets

The addition of a “activation strip” and a higher capacity (3kN) tensioner assembly has enabled KeeLine to span up to 30m in an overhead application. This High Span system is only designed for straight systems.

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