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Benefits of a Non-Penetrating Rooftop Guardrail System

Non-penetrating guardrails offer a versatile and secure solution for ensuring the safety of workers on roofs. Unlike traditional guardrails, these fall protection systems do not require drilling into the roof or parapets for installation. Instead they sit on the roof's surface, providing fall protection without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

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Protection Without Compromising the Integrity of Your Roof

Rooftop guardrails are an essential safety measure for any building with an unprotected edge. They help to prevent falls from heights, which can be fatal or seriously injure workers. However, installing traditional rooftop guardrails can be challenging and costly.

Non-penetrating rooftop guardrails offer a number of advantages over traditional guardrails. They are easier to install, less disruptive to the roof surface, and more cost-effective. In addition they do not require any structural modifications to the roof, which can save time and money.

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Key Features of Non-Penetrating Guardrails

  • Flexibility

Non-penetrating guardrails such as Kee Guard can be placed anywhere they are needed, not just where support structures are located. This flexibility allows for a more adaptable safety solution that can cater to the unique layout of each roof.

  • OSHA Compliance

These guardrails are designed and engineered to meet the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This ensures that while the guardrails offer the convenience of non-penetrating installation, they do not compromise on safety standards.

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Benefits of Non-Penetrating Rooftop Guardrails

  • Protection of Roof Warranty

Installing a rooftop safety guardrail should not come at the cost of voiding your roof warranty. Non-penetrating guardrails do not mount to any structure on your building, thereby preserving your warranty. They use lightweight PVC counterweights to provide necessary protection without causing water pooling or roof damage.

  • Easy Installation

Non-penetrating guardrails are easy to install, eliminating the need for specific contractors required by some manufacturers. These guardrails can be installed by your trusted contractor or even by your maintenance team with simple tools.

  • Compliance with Multiple Standards

Non-penetrating guardrails are designed to comply with not just OSHA standards, but also those set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Building Code (IBC), which most local building codes adopt.

  • Adaptability

Kee Guard's flexibility allows it to adapt to various rooftop configurations, catering to the diverse needs of different projects. Non-penetrating guardrails can adapt to the unique features of your roof, including odd angles or multiple levels. They can be adjusted or moved as needed, providing a flexible solution that can accommodate changes in design or location.

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Prioritizing Team Safety

At the end of the day, what matters most is the safety of your team. Non-penetrating guardrails offer a simple, adaptable, and effective solution to keep your workers safe while preserving the integrity of your roof. So why not invest in a system that guarantees safety without compromising other aspects of your operations? Reach out to our expert team and let us help you build a safer and more secure future for your team. 

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Daniel Huntington is an experienced sales and technical product trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the Fall Protection Industry. As a Fall Protection Industry Expert, he is formally trained in OSHA fall protection standards and risk assessment. He is a respected compliance educator and trainer in rooftop safety, presenting at the 2019 ASSP Expo for the International Society of Fall Protection (ISFP) where he facilitated a course on improving safety for people working at height.

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