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Wide Range of Rooftop Safety Installed at Yale New Haven Hospital

Located New Haven, Connecticut, Yale New Haven Hospital consistently ranks among the best hospitals in the United States. The Hospital is made up of a series of new and old buildings. Some of the buildings were originally built in 1900. This project called for a wide range of rooftop fall protection on 11 separate buildings. 

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KeeGuard is a modular component system for multiple configurations


Kee Safety performed a full rooftop safety assessment and engineered a series of fall protection solutions that included KeeGuard and KeeGuard Contractor non-penetrating perimeter railing systems, Kee Cover Skylight Screens and Kee Dome Railings for skylight protection, and Ladder Access Kits complete with a self-closing gate for a fully integrated rooftop fall protection system.

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Kee Cover® has been designed to work on a wide variety of skylight styles.

Delivering Value

KeeSafety assessed worker hazards on the hospital's rooftop and installed the following solutions:

The KeeGuard guardrail system provides permanent, free-standing and durable edge protection without penetration of the roofing membrane or the building structure.

KeeGuard Contractor
KeeGuard Contractor is versatile and easy to assemble, providing an innovative approach to durable portable railing systems. Suitable for roofs of up to 10 degree pitch.

Kee Dome
Kee Dome stands firmly around the perimeter of the opening and does not block sunlight.

Rooftop With Solutions

We can help you assess all your rooftop hazards

We don't just focus on products.  We deliver solutions.  Our team is trained to spot hazards and develop a full plan for protecting your rooftop. 

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