News / Kee Safety Joins PICS’ Contractor Database and Consortium

Kee Safety Joins PICS’ Contractor Database and Consortium

Kee Safety Joins PICS’ Contractor Database and Consortium

Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY, announces that it has joined Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening (PICS) to ensure its customers that Kee Safety procedures conform to stringent safety standards for the installation of the company’s systems and equipment. Kee Safety is a leading supplier of OSHA-compliant fall protection systems and safety railing components. PICS pre-qualifies contractors by gathering data about the company, verifying its completeness and accuracy, and then evaluating its compliance with safety standards. Since the process serves as a guideline for improving safety programs, many companies specify using PICS members as contractors, including 29% of Fortune 500 companies, according to PICS.

“There is a growing number of companies seeking pre-qualified contractors,” John Moreland, President and CEO of PICS said, “Kee Safety joining PICS demonstrates the company’s concern for safety in the industry and its intention to provide top-of-the-line standards in safety and performance. “Our operators see the contractors and suppliers that join PICS as providing the next level of health and safety management. This move strengthens Kee Safety’s ability to manage its client’s needs at a premier level,” he added.

Moreland stated that PICS is the fastest-growing contractor pre-qualification company in the world and was established nearly a decade ago with an emphasis on improving safety. In addition to improving safety programs for contractors, PICS provides building owners and operators with documentation on its members, avoiding the time and cost of re-submitting the same documentation to multiple clients. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, PICS also has offices in Houston, TX, Calgary, AB, the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.

“The investment we have made to join PICS and participate in its rigorous pre-qualification process reinforces the commitment Kee Safety has to providing safety solutions for our customers,” Mike Mumau, President of Kee Safety, Inc., stated.