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Ensuring Safety at Heights: The Latest Trends in Fall Protection and OSHA Compliance

Fall protection is a crucial aspect of safety in the workplace, especially in industries that involve working at heights. It’s also clear that protecting workers from falls is a top priority for employers. But what can companies do to ensure their employees are safe? In recent years, there have been several new trends and developments in fall protection that are worth noting. One of the most notable is the use of Kee Guard, a roof edge fall protection system designed to protect workers from falling off the edge of a roof.

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Benefits of Kee Guard as a Permanent System

Kee Guard is a popular OSHA-compliant solution for protecting workers at heights. This fall protection system is designed to quickly and easily attach to existing structures like guardrails or balcony rails and provide a secure barrier between workers and potential hazards below.

One of the key benefits of Kee Guard is that it is a permanent solution, meaning that it can be installed once and provide ongoing protection for workers. It is also designed to be easy to install, making it a cost-effective option for employers. The system consists of a rail and stanchions that are anchored to the roof deck, and a toe board that runs along the edge of the roof to provide an additional level of protection.

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Advancements in Fall Protection Equipment: Harnesses and Lanyards

Another trend is the increased use of personal fall protection systems (PFPS). These systems, which include things like harnesses and lanyards, are designed to be worn by workers and provide them with a higher level of protection than traditional fall protection systems. This is because PFPS are designed to be worn by individuals and are tailored to their specific needs, whereas traditional fall protection systems are designed for use by groups of people.

There are also new developments in fall protection materials. For example, there are now harnesses and lanyards made from synthetic materials that are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than traditional materials. This means that they will last longer and provide better protection for workers.

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Fall Protection Considerations Into The Design Of Buildings

There is a growing trend towards incorporating fall protection into the design of buildings and structures. This means that fall protection systems are being built into buildings and structures from the ground up, rather than being added on afterwards. This can provide a higher level of protection for workers, as well as making it easier to ensure that fall protection systems are in place and are being used properly.

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Kee Guard: The Essential Fall Protection System

Ensuring safety at heights is essential for any workplace environment. It's clear that fall protection is an ever-evolving field, with new developments and trends emerging all the time. It is important for workers and employers to stay informed about these trends and relevant OSHA regulations, to ensure that they are using the latest and most effective fall protection systems. The use of Kee Guard as a roof edge fall protection system is one of the most important and effective options.


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