Kee Safety Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of fall protection and safe access products, services and training.

Kee Safety Academy

We invest heavily in our employees because they are the heart and soul of our brand.

Training the Industry Leaders of Tomorrow

Our training modules are delivered by qualified experts within Kee Safety who have many years of experience in their specialized areas. They’re encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge base within the course, and in turn, they become experts in their respective fields.
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Our Training Program

Management Development

Our flagship Management Development Program has been running since 2007 and has been effective in supporting the development of many in our current management team. The 16 modules are designed to equip managers with the skills they need to manage their people effectively and deliver continuous outstanding performance.

Sales and Management Training

In addition to the Management Development Program, sales managers will have the opportunity to attend the following courses: Running the Sales Office, Sales Planning, Sales & Performance Management, LinkedIn Strategy and Product Training. This will improve and develop their skills even further.

Safety Training

Safety courses, such as Work at Height, Corporate Liability, Risk Assessment & Rescue Training Course are designed to provide a thorough understanding of regulations, risk assessment, safety requirements, and working methods. The course informs people of their responsibilities should something happen, and it includes practical rescue training at our world-class training center as well as PPE inspection and utilization and ladder inspections.
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Wanted: Passionate People

Separating People from Hazards is our life’s work. When you join the Kee Safety Team, not only are you aligning yourself with the leading global supplier of safety systems and solutions, but with people who are passionate about fall prevention, safety, and who care about their company and its customers.

We are proud of our culture. We believe in our employees and understand that when they are engaged and happy, they will thrive and our business will grow.