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Walkways Offer Safe Movement for University Maintenance Workers

Kee Safety was tasked with designing a comprehensive rooftop safety plan for the University of Toronto. They were in need of a solution that offered workers safe movement throughout the roof, along with fall protection along the roof perimeter.

Kee Safety, Ltd University Toronto Kee Walk With Guardrail 940 500 65 S C1
The Kee Walk with guardrail system is a fall protection solution consisting of walkway and guardrail which can be installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs.


Kee Safety, Ltd. was contacted to support the University of Toronto with roof top safety products and systems. After a site survey was performed, our technical team designed a system that worked best for the clients rooftop safety needs.

Kee Safety, Ltd University Toronto Keeguard Platform Railing 940 500 65 S C1
KeeGuard Contractor is versatile, easy to assemble, and gives you an innovative approach to durable portable railing systems for roofs up to a 5 degree pitch.

Delivering Value

The client was delighted that we could provide our Kee Guard Contractor edge protection system, Kee Walk for the roof top walkway system while also providing a Safe Access platform system around the facility rooftop. Having a wide product offering and working with a sole provider: Kee Safety, Ltd., was a benefit to our installation partner and the engineering firm who designed the project.


Walkways that go Above and Beyond

Kee Walk® provides a safe, anti-slip, level walkway for workers who need to access a roof in the course of their work. Its intelligent design protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage and integrates easily with either guardrails or lifeline systems.

Kee Walk w Guardrail