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Pallet Gates and Handrails to Provide Forklift Safety

ResMed Singapore required barriers to separate 2 areas of their new facility. Following a Kee Safety site audit, Kee Klamp Modular Handrail and Kee Safety Pallet Gates were recommended.

ResMed Singapore used a local contractor to install Kee Safety products.


  • Client needed to ensure the safety of the warehouse areas as there are forklifts moving around the area
  • Pallet Gate and Ground Based Railings to separate the forklifts area
  • Kee Safety provide a quick installation time frame and is able to complete all installation in 5 days
翻转门 托盘安全门
ResMed Singapore has a new building requiring safety protection.


  • Compliant to safety regulations
  • Eliminates unnecessary accidents
  • Quick installation time
  • Available in "Safety Yellow"
KS KGA 2258 Large

Raising the bar of safety

Moving pallets around factories and warehouses can cause several safety issues. When a worker needs to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, they could end up falling from a height. Kee Gate® pallet gates eliminate this safety issue. A simple solution that results in employees always being separated from the hazard.
Kee Gate Pallet