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Comprehensive Rooftop Safety Solutions for Access, Skylight Protection, and Perimeter Safety

RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz GmbH is a part of the Berry Global Inc., a global manufacturer of plastic packaging products , with over 290 facilities across the globe.

屋顶护栏 天窗防护
Because of the different safety systems installed on the roofs, workers are protected everywhere.


  • The client required solutions that provided a fully safe and secure roof area.
  • A comprehensive safety audit was undertaken with a specific focus on skylight hazards, ladder access to the roof, and perimeter safety.
  • Kee Safety provided a wide array of options, and through discussions with the client, systems were chosen to suite their specific needs.
After several site visits we found the optimal solution for the client.


  • With the Kee Guard Non-Penetrating Guardrail System and Kee Dome Skylight Protection, the client has secured all important roofs, especially high-traffic areas, on which regular maintenance takes place.
  • The installation was carried out quickly.
  • The systems are compliant with all European standards
KS KDO 2982 Medium

Don’t leave holes in your safety procedures

Kee Dome® is a modular system designed specifically to prevent falls through skylights, roof lights and dome lights. The modular Kee Dome system allows contractors and maintenance crews to access rooftops for repair and maintenance work safely and easily without the risk of falling through glazed areas.

Kee Dome