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Industrial Roof: Kee Walk with Guardrail Installed for HVAC Maintenance Safety

A San Francisco-based contractor specializing in providing roofing, waterproofing and maintenance programs to commercial, retail and industrial property owners and developers contacted Kee Safety for expert advice on a perceived safety hazard.

Kee Walk with Guardrail Installation

Installed by Fidelity Roofing | Designed by KSI Technical Dept.


Kee Safety was contacted in April 2020 by a San Francisco-based roofing contractor to discuss OSHA Standards following concern for the safety of employees servicing roofing around HVAC equipment at two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory locations.

A site audit was undertaken, and working closely with Kee Safety’s Technical Group, solutions were designed and quoted.

With a combination of Safe Access Platforms, Kee Walk with Guardrail and Kee Hatch Railing, employees and contractors can safety access all areas of the roof.

Fidelity Keewalk
This aerial photo gives a unique prospective on the complexity of the solutions provided.

Delivering Value

  • Both locations are now much safer to access for service and maintenance of their roof HVAC systems.
  • Due to the current roofing material shortages, this contractor is actively pursuing similar applications where they can provide Kee Safety Safe Access solutions.
Keewalk Keehatch
Kee Walk with Guardrail & KeeHatch
Plataforma de trabajo

The highest level of protection

The Kee Walk with guardrail system is a fall protection solution consisting of walkway and guardrail which can be installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs. It is a compliant approach to guardrail protection and eliminates the fall hazard typically present when workers are exposed to an unprotected edge.

Kee Walk w Guardrail