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Easy Installation of Aluminum Handrail System

RMS-Ross Corporation is a designer, manufacturer and distributer of an extensive range of quality mining machinery, which is exported and used worldwide.

Client required a railing system at a wastewater treatment plant that would be durable, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.


In meeting with the client, Kee Lite using internal components to provide a smooth top rail was presented as the best option for the application- The Lulu Island Biogas Water Treatment Plant in Vancouver, BC.

Kee Lite smooth railing after installation


In collaboration with the client's engineer and Kee Safety's in-house technical team, we were able to design a custom Kee Lite smooth system.

Kee Safety Ltd. met all lead times required for the drawings and material to be received by RMS-Ross Corporation which allowed them to keep within the end user’s construction schedule.

KS KLT 166 Medium

A heavyweight in being lite

Kee Lite® is made from a high-grade aluminum silicon magnesium alloy. This makes it a highly flexible, lightweight solution for creating safety barrier systems – in fact it’s only one-third the weight of iron fittings, with about 75% comparable tensile strength. Kee Lite aluminum fittings are also incredibly corrosion resistant, durable, economical and ideal for projects from contemporary to industrial.
Kee Lite