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Aluminum Modular Handrail for Sewage Treatment Plant

Corodex Industries is a pioneer in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of water purification and wastewater treatment plants and equipment.

Major sectors they cater to are Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Grey Water Recycling, Odor Control Systems, Sludge Treatment Systems and Operation & Maintenance Services.


Corodex wanted a durable solution to safeguard various locations within the plant like the pump houses, water storage wells, aeration tanks and sedimentation tanks. They wanted a durable solution that could withhold a highly corrosive environment including CH2 gases and were very pleased with our anodized aluminum guardrail.

Kee Gates prevents unauthorized access


The management at the Sewage Treatment Plant saved time and money as our Kee Lite guardrail is modular and does not require a hot work permit to carry out the installation.

Kee Safety applied 25-30 microns of silver matt anodizing to our aluminum guardrail which provided high corrosion resistance that was needed in such a harsh environment as a sewage treatment plant.

KS KLT 166 Medium

A heavyweight in being lite

Kee Lite® is made from a high-grade aluminum silicon magnesium alloy. This makes it a highly flexible, lightweight solution for creating safety barrier systems – in fact it’s only one-third the weight of iron fittings, with about 75% comparable tensile strength. Kee Lite aluminum fittings are also incredibly corrosion resistant, durable, economical and ideal for projects from contemporary to industrial.
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