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Keeklamprail2 940 500 65 S C1

Handrail Installation at Popular Upstate NY Park

Watkins Glenn State Park is located in Western NY. The state park features many trails which run along the gorge and along the park's 19 waterfalls by way of stone bridges. The trails connect to the Finger Lakes Trail, an 800-mile (1280 km) system of trails throughout New York state.

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Kee Klamp® pipe fittings and components join steel pipes together, simply and effectively, using slip-on components to create versatile and rigid tubular structures.


With thousands of visitors annually, the safety of the pathways is crucial. Often times the walkway along the water becomes very slippery. This is where Kee Safety's Kee Klamp comes in to play.

Keeklamprail 940 500 65 S C1
Kee Klamp® has been developed and refined for more than 75 years, resulting in an extensive range of pipe fittings and components suited for any need.

Delivering Value

Kee Klamp's versatile and rigid tubular structure features high corrosion resistance to combat the moist climate, recessed screws for a smooth look and feel, quick and customizable installation among other features.

These modular pipe fittings can be used as components in our collective fall protection systems, including safety railing and handrails. They are suited for railing on level surfaces, ramps, and stairs, and are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or powder coated for internal or external uses.

Fit for tough environments in need of safety barriers or simple safety solutions, Kee Klamp® is designed to provide durability into structures. Kee Klamp® pipe fittings are the most cost-effective safety solution for barrier requirements to protect people, equipment or on-site inventory.

There is no welding or threading required, making installation costs and time, effective.

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Railings grounded in safety

Our steel fittings are hot-dipped galvanized so every connection remains solid and lasts for decades. All fittings go through a rigorous quality control processes that includes detailed inspections through the manufacturing process. The result is incredible longevity and strength..

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