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Kee Guard Installed on Metal Roof to Protect Employees Collecting Emission Samples

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KeeGuard Topfix can be installed quickly using simple hex tools with no welding needed.


Kee Safety were consulted to provide a solution for employees accessing the roof for routine sampling in a boiler facility where the chimney was adjacent to the roof edge. Based on the metal roof, Kee Guard was presented as the ideal solution.

The specially designed, galvanized base plate, with multiple fixing centers, allows KeeGuard Topfix to be installed to a wide range of popular roof styles.


By securing Kee Guard directly to the standing seam we eliminated the customers concern over penetrating the roof. The collective protection provided by Kee Guard ensured everyone accessing the roof, regardless of training were safe.


Metal Roof Fall Protection

Fully OHSA compliant, KeeGuard TopFix keeps your team safe by creating a safe perimeter for maintenance or inspection safety. Its special standing seam system means there’s no need for drilling, special anchoring, or penetration of the roof. In addition, fitting this system is a breeze considering there are no special tools, welding, bending, or threading needed.
KeeGuard Topfix