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Skylight Screen Protection for Rooftop Opening Hazards

Kee Safety was asked to perform safety audits at 4 bottling plants in Southern India. 

After identifying potential hazards on the roofs of several bottling facilities in India, Kee Safety was able to provide a full range of solutions.


  • The customer’s main objective is to ensure their facility is completely safety complaint.
  • They had identified a safety hazard on the rooftop area (unprotected edges and skylights).
  • Kee Safety was able to offer a compliant solution by providing turnkey solutions including KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline System and Kee Cover Skylight protection.
After undergoing many stages of negotiations, client approved our proposal.


  • High quality and safety compliant products and systems
  • Quick delivery, and easy shipment to site
KS KCO 2658 650X600

The Most Dangerous Hazard

Many people incorrectly assume that the most dangerous fall hazard is the edge of the roof. While very dangerous, people instinctively know to stay away from the edge. Skylights are more dangerous because they are often in the walking path of the people on the roof and many do not see them as a danger. Many skylights are fragile and could not support the weight of a falling person. Many fatalities happen when people fall THROUGH the roof, not necessarily over the edge. 
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