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Kee Cover Skylight Screens for Safe Maintenance of Rooftop Skylights

Nanta is part of the Nutreco Group, a global company that provides animal nutrition products. Today Nanta counts 23 different facilities throughout Europe.

Nanta chose Kee Cover because it was the best solution for their problem


Having reviewed the full range of Kee Safety products, Kee Cover was chosen as the ideal solution to protect against falls through the many skylights at their facilities.

The HSE department was looking for a solution to protect against falls through skylights


  • Nanta is now able to access the roof without worrying about the possibility of falling through the 40+ skylights they have.
  • With Kee Cover, they can still receive the sunlight provided by skylights inside the facilities.
  • Thanks to the raised solution of Kee Cover, maintenance and cleaning of skylights is now easier and does not require moving or uninstalling any of the protections.
KS KCO 2658 650X600

The Most Dangerous Hazard

Many people incorrectly assume that the most dangerous fall hazard is the edge of the roof.  While very dangerous, people instinctively know to stay away from the edge.  Skylights are more dangerous because they are often in the walking path of the people on the roof and many do not see them as a danger.  Many skylights are fragile and could not support the weight of a falling person.  Many fatalities happen when people fall THROUGH the roof, not necessarily over the edge. 
Kee Cover