Orlando Health faced the challenge of ensuring rooftop safety without compromising the integrity of their rooftops. The busy nature of the facility, combined with the need to avoid rooftop penetrations that could lead to leaks, necessitated a specialized safety solution. They turned to Kee Safety for a comprehensive rooftop safety assessment.

Kee Safety conducted a detailed rooftop safety assessment and identified several hazardous areas requiring protection. To meet Orlando Health’s needs for non-penetrating solutions, Kee Safety recommended the implementation of Kee Guard, Kee Anchor, and Kee Hatch. 

Despite the facility's high activity levels, Kee Safety executed the installation seamlessly. The customer was particularly impressed with the easy installation process, noting that it hardly seemed like the Kee Safety team was on-site. This minimized disruption to the facility’s operations, a critical factor for a busy healthcare provider.