Unprotected Edges

The edge of the roof is the most visible hazard, and typically the hazard most people want to protect first. Proximity to the roof edge is a significant factor in identifying the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Frequently, a worker’s purpose for accessing the roof is to service a piece of equipment. It is important to document where machinery, HVAC systems, duct-work or drains are located and if they are too close to an unprotected edge.

OSHA regulations cite that any building where work is performed within 15’ of an open roof edge, each worker must be protected from falling with a guardrail system or other approved safety system.

Skylight Fall Protection

One of the most popular rooftop features - and the one that is the most dangerous for rooftop workers - are skylights. OSHA considers Skylights to be a hole in the roof and has enacted specific laws to protect workers from the hazard of falling through these openings.

Protecting Rooftop Access Points

Access points are the most frequented hazard on any rooftop. Workers are exposed to this risk twice - every time they enter and exit the roof to perform tasks.

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