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Kee Safety, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new
Fall Protection Solutions catalog!

Fall Protection Solutions Catalog

The Fall Protection Solutions catalog is much more than a collection of our products.
It combines decades of industry experience and knowledge into this educational tool
designed to help you identify risks and provide fall protection solutions on the rooftop.

The catalog demonstrates how to implement a logic-driven action plan to bring all areas
of the roof into compliance with OSHA fall protection standards:
- Identify the top 4 critical fall protection hazards common to the industrial roof
- Understand the “how and why”of OSHA compliance for safely working on these roofs
- Choose industry-leading solutions to mitigate each risk

It is also full of industry tools and insights – from risk assessment matrix, to the hierarchy of fall protection, and a unique evaluation of roof access points, openings, leading edge and roof obstacles.


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