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Design your own Beam Clamp Connections ONLINE using our free connection designer.

Beam Clamp Personal Assembly Tool

Design Your Own Beam Clamp Connection

Beam Clamp products can be used to connect all types of structural steel together without the need for on-site welding or drilling. Due to the wide range of steel selections available, each connection will differ dependant upon the steel being connected.

To aid in the design of Beam Clamp connections the Beam Clamp Connection Designer website allows you to enter the type and size of existing steelwork being connected to, the new steel to be connected, and the load to be carried. With this information your connection, along with a parts list of BeamClamp products, can be determined instantly. Your custom connection can then be accessed by our Design team to produce an accurate quote for your application

Use the Beam Clamp Connection Designer ONLINE!

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