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Service Interruptions Due to COVID-19

As updates about COVID-19 are being announced daily from our federal, state, and local governments, Kee Safety, Inc. is working diligently to review and react accordingly to these rapidly changing constraints. Kee Safety continues to take measures to protect our employees, customers, and vendor business units that we are in contact with.

As an essential business, Buffalo-based Kee Safety North American Logistics intends to keep limited staff to ship products for our customers, while our office staff has relocated to work at home. Additional staff can travel and visit project sites as necessary and allowed by local authorities. Our technical Sales team is capable of performing virtual site visits and audits as an alternaltive.

Serving you is a priority, and we are attempting to be as innovative as possible to keep businesses moving forward, including yours. However, in reaction to current constraints, we do expect there could be possible delays in shipments and service from our business unit or vendors. We will endeavor to communicate quickly to you any shipment changes. As constraints are lifted, we will be quick to react and restore to 100% service, notifying you immediately of change.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Michael J. Miner

General Manager of Kee Safety North American Logistics

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