Quick Railing Upright Installation on Floor Grating

Installation Details


Not many options are available for attaching a handrail to a steel grating floor. Welding is one option, but that can be costly and dangerous. Offset handrail that attached to the side of the structure is another option, but installation can be difficult.


KEE SAFETY® has designed a new component, (KEE KLAMP® Type 262) which, when used with a grating clip, (G Clip GM) makes attaching handrail uprights to steel, aluminum or fiberglass grating even easier. Using these two components allows you to connect handrail uprights to floor gratings in a simple and straight forward manner from a single side of the grating surface.

See the pictures above and instructions below to understand just how easy installation can be.

  1. Insert the bottom half of the G Clip from the top side of the grating.
  2. Connect the grating clip to the grating with the fastener.
  3. Slip the KEE KLAMP® Type 262 onto the grating clip bolt.
  4. Fasten the fitting to the clip with standard nuts and washers.
  5. Set upright pipe in place and tighten the set screws. In several minutes a connection can be created that is as strong as a weld, but is not prone to rust and requires no specialized labor to install.
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